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The Witch's Story

Witchrider is a stoner/alternative rock group formed in Graz/AUT in 2012. The idea for the bandname was taken from sleep paralysis aka. “riding the witch”. The Witchrider EP was the band’s first release in 2013, one year before signing to Fuzzorama Records, run by stoner rock legends “Truckfighters”. In the same year of the signing, Witchrider released their first full-length album, entitled “Unmountable Stairs”, a melodic mix of stoner- and alternative rock songs. The song “Far From You” was also released as collab split single “Return of the Fuzz Split”, a shared split single record with the Truckfighters. These releases were followed by an European and UK tour, before coming back home and working on new material.

In 2016 the band released their single “A Glow In The Dark”, a heavier stoner rock track. The single was released as another split single, this time with befriended band “Ultima Radio”.

After numerous Live shows and another Europe tour in the following months of 2016, Witchrider started recording their second full length record. In contrast to their first album, which was recorded and mixed in the shared flat of the members Dan, H.P. and Michael where they were living at the time, the second record should become more complex and sophisticated, while keeping the DIY element, which has always been a big part of Witchrider.


With Bernhard Sorger joining the band on drums and Daniel and Michael getting more into electronic instruments and soundscapes, they had found their set-up for the second record “Electrical Storm”. Only months prior to the album’s release, the band decided to continue Witchrider without guitarist H.P., allowing him to focus on solo projects, as well as other musical projects. It was an unanimous decision, which allowed the band to rearrange their Live setup, something they had felt was necessary for quite some time. Since the release of “electrical storm” Witchrider has been very active, performing on multiple festivals and even winning the Nobel prize for their theory and active approach on making up people’s minds.

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